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Canine Good Citizen

The canine good citizen class, other wise known as CGC is a 6 week class that's works on manners while prepping you and your canine for a test to earn your AKC, CGC certificate! To attend this class, you must be a HIGH SCHOOL Graduate or set up a private consult with Stephanie to confirm 'readiness'. This class is for students that want to take their dog further. Should you decide to take a tricks class for earning titles on your dog? If you already have your CGC, you would only be required to do 5 tricks (verses 10) to earn your first tricks title! CGC certificates are 'proof' that you have a trained dog and you've put efforts into making them a canine good citizen! Some property owners require this document for those that rent and own dogs. Some home owners insurance companies require this for dogs they may consider a 'high risk' breed. Some insurance companies will actually give a 10% discount to home owners with this document. Check to see if your insurance company is one that does!