Stephanie Duca Dog Training Services

Enriching the human-canine bond through knowledge, trust and obedience

With over 16 years as a school teacher, Krissy has clearly learned how brains think, develop, and grow. Cultivating positive mindset, reaching academic potential, and fostering collaboration amongst people has been at the forefront of her work since graduating from Worcester State College in 2007. Using her background in education and psychology, she is excited to transfer her knowledge and expertise to the dog training world, helping people learn the necessary skills to raise happy, healthy pups within the home and community.

As a child, Krissy has always loved furry canines! Growing up with a couple (or four) dogs at a time, and with her parents involved in the field and obedience world, she quickly became accustomed to dog training. Once an adult, Krissy got her first golden retriever named Taz! A spunky/energetic/costume lovin’ whole "lotta" dog who would eventually go on to receive his AKC Obedience Novice title, along with two AKC Obedience Open legs. Upon having her own four (human) children and working full-time as a teacher, she needed to take a hiatus from the competition world of dog obedience and focused on work and family. Now that her youngest is in school, she has delved back into the "dog" world on a more consistent basis. Although Taz may have passed over the rainbow bridge, she now has Quin…another golden! At under two years old, Quin has received his AKC Canine Good Citizen title, AKC Novice Tricks title, AKC Intermediate Tricks title, and First Responder Therapy Dog. I'm proud to share they were the FIRST CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS FRTD TEAM! They are very excited to reach even more members of the community on their journey.

Moving forward, it was upon Krissy's training adventures here at Stephanie’s that Krissy realized her true love of dog training. With experience as a teacher, she quickly noticed many parallels between teaching academics and teaching others the skills required to train their cute pups! Using her background and through interning here at Stephanie’s Dog Training since December 2021, Krissy continues to see more connections between families and their dogs while furthering her education and expertise. Krissy and Stephanie are so excited to share her passion for creating happiness through therapy work, helping others develop well-behaved community canines, and knowledge of AKC titling. Krissy says…Let’s hop into the ring and get working! Krissy is also affiliated with the Association of Profesional Dog Trainers.

Stephanie's Dog Training is so lucky to have Krissy on this exciting, fun journey!