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Stephanie Duca Dog Training Services

Enriching the human-canine bond through knowledge, trust and obedience

Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA)

ADVANCED Canine Good Citizen. Also known as CGCA is a class to better your dogs manners among people AND other dogs.
Car manners, door entrances, group activities (both human and dog), focus, recalls, public visits and distractions are just some of the things covered in this class.
To attend this class you must be a CGC (canine good citizen) graduate and HAVE already earned your CGC certificate.
Your dog must be ok among other dogs!
If you are a social person that prefers to have your dog with you while visiting friends/family, going to breweries/outings or a simple trip to the vets office without worrying how your dog will act? Then this class is for you!
Passing the test given by an AKC certified tester at the end of this session will confirm you have a polite, trained dog that can be welcomed by others!