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Stephanie Duca Dog Training Services

Enriching the human-canine bond through knowledge, trust and obedience

CGC Urban

AKC Urban CGC, also known as CGCU, is 5-week class that is TOTALLY ON THE ROAD at different public venues!

Ready to up the ante and take a challenge? Want a well-mannered pooch by your side while you stroll the sidewalks in town or stop for a coffee with friends? How about a pup who behaves at stores and knows how to wait patiently while you’re in line at your favorite food truck or waiting to cross the street?

Come join us in practicing and demonstrating CGC skills and beyond in an urban setting. This class is the ultimate practice session for focus with distractions, using stairs, the stay command, walking on sidewalks, and entering/exiting buildings (and cars) politely!

To attend this class you must be a CGC (canine good citizen) graduate and have already earned your CGC certificate. Your dog must be ok among other dogs! As with Canine Good Citizen, AKC Urban CGC has a 10 item test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Urban CGC title. Pass the test? You’ve scored the ULTIMATE award for a well-behaved dog!