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Stephanie Duca Dog Training Services

Enriching the human-canine bond through knowledge, trust and obedience

Grammar School

GRAMMAR is a 6 week class with a max of 7 dogs per class. This is for dogs that are older than 16 weeks and HAVE NOT attended our kindergarten program or HAVE NOT trained at our facility. It focuses on manners & dog behaviors.
Also covered is:
FOCUS: ' look at me'
SIT: 'say please'
LAY DOWN: 'relax'
NO JUMPING: 'get off of me'
NO BITING/CHEWING 'my hand is not a treat'
DOG TO DOG INTRODUCTION: 'do they like each other'
LEAVE IT: 'don't even think about it'
COME: 'here to me'
NO PULLING: 'enjoying our walk'
WAIT: 'I'll be right back'