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Stephanie Duca Dog Training Services

Enriching the human-canine bond through knowledge, trust and obedience

High School

HIGH SCHOOL is a 6 week class that I consider the 'REAL LIFE' class.
This is the next step for those that have graduated Grammar school and junior high.
A friendly reminder that there is homework in high school.
If you do your home work, this class is a true game changer!
I see more maturity in this class than I do with kindergarten and grammar combined.
This class covers the following:
HEELING: day 1, let's heel!
SIT STAY: Why is everyone walking around the room while all dogs stay in one spot?
BACK UP: Having the ability to have your dog back out of ANY space. That includes human space or even the kitchen!
DOWN STAY: I have to wait for you to come back?
FOCUS: I didn't see a rolling ball nor can I hear the loud music!
STAND STAY: Stand and stay until I return!
HEELING: heeling at all paces. Slow, fast or a strolling pace, there's plenty of heeling.
DIRECTION CHANGES: are you watching your new 'hand signal'?
FRONT: get to my front and center. Like now.
LEARNING EACH OTHERS LANGUAGE: learning to get what you want from your dog with communication instead of relying on your leash.
WORK VERSES PLAY. When can I sniff, 'mark' and simply be a dog? How this is clarified for BOTH dog and handler!